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Roth Anglia, Real Estate Agency, was founded in 1992 by Lucy and Yonatan Roth in the Gilo neighbourhood. During the early years the office specialized primarily in Gilo but quickly expanded into other neighbourhoods such as Armon Hanaziv, Har Chuma, and the older neighbourhoods of Rasko, Saint Simon , Katamon and Malcha . The very successful Ramot Office was opened in 2006. Roth Anglia Ramot specializes in the prime private homes of Ramot, the villas, cottages and penthouses. The office has become known as the leading Real Estate Agency of the area.

Today the office has a team of 6 professional, polite and dedicated agents.

Roth Anglia Ramot, up to date has concluded hundreds of property transactions with the highest success rates of all Real Estate Agencies in Jerusalem,holding top place in “SHIRAN”, The Jerusalem multiple listing service.

Roth Anglia is identified with giving superb and attentive service that accompanies the entire buying and selling process. We can recommend mortgage brokers and surveyors that we have years of experience with them. Also we know several excellent builders and shipuzniks that our clients have used over the years and recommended to us. The office has a highly qualified and experienced  in- house property lawyer that can provide any legal assistance, or tax enquiries.

Why to use Roth Anglia?

Quite simply, because after thirty years in the business we have built such a reputation of excellence that sellers know, there is only one Real Estate Agency to go to,therefore we have the largest selection of superb properties and the serious  buyers ,who are ready to commit .Yonatan Roth,the driving force behind the company,is recognized as one of the best negotiators in the field and an expert in closing property transactions.His professional knowledge and expertise is combined with an understanding and empathetic nature ,making him a joy to work with.

Roth Anglia also cooperates with other agencies so that  the prospective client does not need to be in contact with a dozen agents ,but can have one office heading the search for that one ultimate property.

Here is a letter summing up , why one should use Roth-Anglia Real Estate Agency !

” Dear Lucy and Yonatan,

I would like to thank you for accompanying us through the

trying period of buying and selling our house.

We have known you now for a long period of time

and can truly say  how exceptionally, professional, honest and trustworthy you both are.

The sale of our house through “Shiran, “with its   extensive

advertising campaign proved most effective.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and you certainly

deserve the excellent reputation that Roth Anglia holds.

Yours sincerely,

Ben L. ”



The office team

Lucy Roth

Married to Yonatan + 3 girls, born in England. Ba in English literature and Philosophy from the Hebrew University. Manager of Roth Anglia Ramot. Full of energy, dedicated and polite service. Resident of Ramot.

Eilanit Mishly

Married + 3 , Joined Roth Anglia in 1997, Manages the office smoothly. solidly reliable, energetic.

Yonatan Roth

Married + 3 girls, born in Herzilliya. Founded the office in 1992. Ba and Ma cum laudum in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Fluent in Hebrew, English and Italian. Superlative in diplomacy and negotiating skills

Oded Gordon

Married +3 resident of Katamon. An experienced sales and Public Relations man, Relaxed listens and works hard.
No. 1 specialist in Har-Homa, Katamonim and Pat.

Ofer Meyuchas

Married + 1, lives in Gilo.
Twenty years of experience in Real Estate, specializing in the neighborhood of Gilo.
Hundreds of happy clients behind him!

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