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Ramot  is a beautiful green neighbourhood nestled on a hill overlooking the forests to the entrance of Jerusalem.It is one of Jerusalem's ring neighborhoods situated in the North East  section of the city,with a population of around 70,000 inhabitants. It enjoys easy access to Tel-Aviv, On the Golda Meir highway and the new 443 highway via Modeiin,Har Hotzvim,the nearby high –tech ,industrial park,The Dead Sea, and is of course only 15 mins. from the center of town.The Jerusalem light rail system will also be expanded to include Ramot. Many of Ramots' properties boast stunning panoramic views, quiet gardens and lovely shady streets. Ramot has a diverse population attracting young couples,families and retirees with many religious sectors:Chabad,Chardal,Conservative,Dati Leumi,Haredi and secular.The many educational streams and variety of schools, in the neighborhood reflect this diversity . There are three active community centers offering a wide range of activaties including dance, theatre, art, music ,computer education ,photography and endless more courses for both adults and children. A state of the arts gymnasium, swimming pool ,offering mixed and separate swimming hours, a health club and a municipal library with a superb English  speaking section .The  third community center ,caters for the Chareddi population and of course the new vibrant shopping mall. Ramot also has  banks a post office and in the new shopping center all the eateries are Mehadrin Kosher. It is no wonder that Ramot is a highly desirable  and sought after neighborhood with its natural beauty and adjacent woodlands for endless hikes,clean ,hill top air, wonderful services, and relatively affordable housing ,making Ramot an ideal choice  for English speaking Olim,as recommended by Nefesh B'Nefesh as well as Israelis looking for a wonderful way of living. Roth Anglia Ramot, is the leading Real Estate Agency ,specializing in the prime properties of  Ramot such as the private houses ,villas,terraced properties (cottages) and penthouses. In the last 10 years the  office sold the majority of properties in this field. The Ramot branch is run by Lucy and Yonatan Roth who themselves live in and love the neighborhood. Their knowledge of the area and understanding of its inhabitants is broad and well founded as is the absolute trust and conviction of the residents in the highest professionalism and expertise of the office.
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Our office has specialized in the neighborhood of Gilo for over 25 years ! Gilo was founded in 1971 and has become one of Jerusalem's vibrant,green neighborhoods.It has its own wooded parks and has many public gardens,schools and infant nurseries providing for the whole gamut of educational and religious needs.Gilo's  active community center offers a wide range of activaties and hobbies for different ages.The residents also enjoy a large public swimming pool and sports complex. The neighborhood is situated on the Southern ridge of the Jerusalem hills and is the city's highest neighborhood,with stunning panoramic views over  the city.It is close to the neighborhoods of Har Chuma(Har Shmuel ),Talpiot,Katamon,Pat and Malca and is linked to the rest of the city with new high speed roads. Gilo, is today a thriving ,pluralistic neighborhood with around 33,000 residents from all walks of Israeli society.It is divided into  different areas and attracts  families of limited means as well as more established families  with private housing in the prestigious areas of the neighborhood.Gilo  also has a sought after "Mashhab",religious section with its own nurseries,schools and community center.Thus Gilo is a true reflection of Israeli society and welcomes all to enjoy life in one of Jerusalem's most  colourful and vibrant neighborhoods.
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Har Homa (Homat Shmuel)
Har Homa was established in 1997, and from its earliest beginnings,until today,our office has specialized and successfully sold many properties there.The neighborhood  has  developed and grown and today houses 18,000 residents,with an expected  target to reach 40,000 residents. Har Homa  has a young energetic vibe and its proximity to the neighborhoods of Gilo and Talpiot add to  its advantages.The neighborhood provides  for its residents all the necessary services,from its multiple play grounds,nursery schools,and diverse schools,catering for its secular and religious populations with the state authorized education system(Mamlacti and Mamlachti Dati ). The neighborhood's Matnas offers  a wide range of hobbies and activaties,there are many synagogues for all religious streams,shops,and wide open green spaces. Har Homa is situated in the South-East part of Jerusalem and its residents enjoy stunning, panoramic desert,biblical scenery.The many different sized apartments are spacious and well built,making Har Huma one of the most  attractive and sought after neighborhoods in Jerusalem. The main entrance to the neighborhood is  through the Meir Boulevard from the direction of  Derech Hevron and there is a second entrance  from the direction of Herodian,on a road that connects the Eastern settlements of Gush Ezion to Jerusalem.
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Katamonim (Gonenim)
Katamonim is situated in the South West part of Jerusalem and it is comprised of 8 sub neighborhoods with many varied  property types.The neighborhood has a diverse population numbering around 24,000 residents.Our office has successfully specialized in the neighborhood for 20 years. The area has many different nurseries and schools,and various youth movements for its diverse population.The Jerusalem Tennis center is situated there and adjacent to the neighborhood  was recently established ,the beautiful ,urban nature park,The deer valley. Katamonim, borders with the neighborhoods of Makor Chaim,Talpiot,Ramat Sharet,Malca and Pat. In recent years ,South Jerusalem and the whole Katamonim area ,has undergone massive urban  and economic development with the establishment of the business areas in the Industrial area of Talpiot and the Malca shopping mall ,new sports  and cultural complexes and Technological park.This energising process along with the development of new main transport arteries to the neighborhood has injected The Katamonim with a new vitality.Its residents started to enlarge their properties and to beautify their surroundings,making the neighborhood not only attractive to families but also to investers interested in this  fast up and coming neighborhood.
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East Talpiot (Armon Hanaziv)
East Talpiot was founded in the 1970s,in South East Jerusalem and has around 15,000 inhabitants.It has a very diverse population which is reflected in the wide selection of different property types , available.When Compared to the other older neighborhoods of Jerusalem,the property prices are still relatively low and thus the area attracts many property investors. Our agency has specialized in the area for 20 years. The neighborhood lies next to Talpiot and with the new Kibbutz Ramat Rachel,road,the neighborhood now has much faster accessability to other areas of the city. East Talpiot has many varied schools and nurseries that meet the needs of its diverse population.Its community center(Matnas) is extremely active and has many hobbies and activaties for all ages,and organizes many events and happenings for all the family.A new country club  with a state of the arts swimming pool and sports complex has recently been built,for the enjoyment of the neighborhoods residents. For several years,the "young neighborhood",plan,has been actively implemented,which works on various ways for improving the neighborhood such as developing public spaces,improving educational frameworks,developing and improving the community centers,and organizing cultural events. The location of East Talpiot to the Haz and Sherover promenade,with their stunning panoramic views over the old city,the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mount make the area not only a major tourist attraction ,but also,one of the most beautiful places on earth to live.
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